Jersey police officer helps jail global paedophile ring

A Jersey police officer has helped jail 11 paedophiles who were part of a global paedophile ring.

Detective Constable Pat Forde cracked a password on an encrypted back-up copy of a paedophile forum, giving vital information to the FBI.

The forum allowed members to exchange images and videos, including child pornography.

The encrypted copy was found following the arrest of islander Jonathan Richard Godson who ran two paedophile websites from Jersey. He was later jailed by the Royal Court for eight years.

The information found by DC Forde meant the FBI were able to carry out a series of raids across the US. 13 men were arrested and several abused children were rescued.

11 of those who were arrested pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to between 15 and 18 and a half years each.

Two pleaded not guilty, although have since been found guilty at a trial in Montana last month, at which DC Forde gave evidence. They are due to be sentenced next month.

The US Department has now praised the States of Jersey Police, and in particular DC Forde, for their part in bringing down the network.