No contested election in Sark as 16 seats taken

There will not be a contested election in Sark next month.

Nominations for candidates closed today, but only 16 stood.

With 16 seats available, it means they all get in.

The below candidates are now duly elected to be Conseillers of the Chief Pleas of Sark.

  • Diane Baker
  • Edric Baker
  • Paul Burgess
  • Peter Bryne
  • Elsie Courtney
  • Colin Golds
  • Charles Maitland
  • Nicolas Moloney
  • Christopher Nightingale
  • Elizabeth Norwich
  • Roger Norwich
  • Helen Plummer
  • William Raymond
  • Arthur Rolfe
  • Stephen Taylor
  • Anthony Vantress

Those in bold are existing Conseillers whose terms were coming to an end in December 2014.

Charles Maitland, William Raymond and Stephen Taylor have been Conseillers in the past, meaning there are six completely new people entering Chief Pleas.

A ballot will be held between the Conseillers to determine lengths of terms of office. There are 14 four-year terms, and two two-year terms to be determined. This ballot will take place on the 10th December.