Campaigners lose cannabis-based drugs fight

A group of Islanders in Jersey have lost their campaign to be prescribed cannabis-based drugs for medical purposes.

Deputy Montfort Tadier was fighting their corner in the States today, but his petitions were rejected by politicians.

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Deputy doesn't hold much hope for agreement to cannabis-based drugs

Deputy Montfort Tadier is trying to help three islanders who want access to cannabis-based drugs for medicinal use.

But they're not holding out much hope that the Health Minister will agree.

He knows that this is an emotive issues, he knows that there are a whole raft of issues that are taboo surrounding cannabis, even though we're now in the 21st Century and I think rather than grasp that mettle, he's looking for any excuse to not to have to deliver for these three individuals in this case who are suffering when they needn't be.

– Deputy Montfort Tadier
Deputy Montford Tadier

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