Campaigners lose cannabis-based drugs fight

A group of Islanders in Jersey have lost their campaign to be prescribed cannabis-based drugs for medical purposes.

Deputy Montfort Tadier was fighting their corner in the States today, but his petitions were rejected by politicians.

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"I really need to try this drug" says MS sufferer

The plight of a multiple sclerosis sufferer who wants a cannabis-based drug to ease her pain will go to Jersey's States tomorrow.

Deputy Montfort Tadier has brought a petition urging the Health Minister to issue Ann Hill a license for the drug called Sativex.

But Senator Andrew Green has dismissed the petition, saying it would cost the taxpayer £5,000 a year.

Sativex is currently available in Jersey for private patients, but Ann wants it prescribed for free.

I really need to try this drug.

It's not cannabis, Sativex is a derivative so a lot of the things someone who smokes neat cannabis would take in, are taken out. However, if they tell me I'm not allowed to have Sativex it will possibly lead me down the path of wanting to grow my own.

– Ann Hill

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