Changes to fishing quotas

Channel Island fishermen are concerned about the changes the EU are making to fishing quotas.

Jersey Fishermen's Association Chairman Don Thompson says a large decrease in the quota for ray would be 'catastrophic' for local fishermen.

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UK Fisheries Minister fights the corner of the Channel Islands

The UK politician who negotiates fishing quotas in the European Union says he always fights for the best interests of Jersey and Guernsey fishermen.

Fisheries Minister George Eustace MP is just back from the latest round of meetings in Brussels, where he argues a freeze rather than a proposed cut in the amount of rays that can be caught is good for the Channel Islands.

We always aim to deliver the best possible deal for British waters and that includes the Channel and therefore the Channel Islands. We look for the best deal we can get that is consistent with the science and protects stocks for the future but also delivers a fair deal for our fishermen.

– George Eustace MP, UK Fisheries Minister

It comes as Jersey fishermen argue the island should ditch EU quotas and create a more bespoke set of limits based on local needs and local knowledge.

Trawlerman, Michael Michieli.

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