Channel Island British passport to be printed in the UK from March

Jersey and Guernsey variant British passports will be produced in a central facility in the UK from March.

Both islands will remain their status as an issuing authority, with the local Passport Offices accepting and processing applications. The costs will also stay the same, as will the unique front covers.

The new printing arrangements part of a process that started in 2010 as HM Passport Office had concerns about shipping blank passport books around the world.

Processing times will be very much in our control and we have service level agreements in place to cover both the printing functions in the UK and the onward delivery to Jersey. The Island has secured access to future upgrades to passport designs whilst retaining its ability to issue a passport locally in an emergency situation.

– Steven Le Marquand, Director, Legal Status and Revenue

The success of this joint project means the Bailiwick will continue to have a unique passport that is among the most secure documents in the world, allowing holders to travel visa free to many international destinations.

Guernsey applicants will also continue to benefit from the personal service offered locally by Guernsey Border Agency staff at the New Jetty Passport Office, with application times for standard process passports remaining within existing time frames and the cost of applying for a new passport unchanged.

– Michelle Lacey, Immigration and Nationality Manager for the Guernsey Border Agency