Andium Homes to face questions over repair delays

Le Squez, St Clement

States housing company, Andium Homes will be quizzed today over claims it takes too long to make repairs.

An independent audit into Andium Homes found the company, who is fully owned by the government and is in charge of 4,500 units of housing, did not demonstrate value for money in its management of ‘responsive repairs’.

Today, the company will face the Public Accounts Committee and tenants will also have the chance to have their say.

We are inviting the Chief Officer and other representatives of Andium Homes to explain how they are responding to the Comptroller and Auditor General's recommendations and, in particular, how fast they will be working to secure better value for money on responsive repairs. We will also be inviting Tenants Forum representatives to discuss how Andium can use input from tenants to drive up standards.

– Deputy Andrew Lewis, Chairman of the PAC

The report found good practice in Andium’s approach to planned maintenance and welcomed the company's progress towards involving tenants with decision making.

But it said that more should be done to show value for money on repairs done on request rather than as part of a maintenance programme.

Andium Homes spends around £2.4m each year on responsive repairs, and £6.3m on planned maintenance.

The review was based on work undertaken between May and August 2014.

Jill Bartholemew, Andium Homes resident

When the report was issued, angry residents living in social housing in Jersey said their homes are falling apart and help is not coming quick enough.

One resident from St Helier said it is dangerous walking home at night because some outside lights have been broken for years.

I have notified them, and I have said when the electrician calls, please give them my contact details and I will come out and show them, but it just doesn't happen.