New Jurat appointed in Guernsey

Steve Morris has been named as the island's new Jurat.

The former Guernsey Electricity Engineering Director was voted into the post by the States of Election with 62 votes.

He had been nominated by Deputy Robert Sillars and seconded by Deputy Lyndon Trott.

Since retiring from his Guernsey Electricity role four years ago, Steve Morris has worked as an Energy Policy Advisor for the States. He is also a member of St Martin's douzaine, and is a keen sailor in his spare time.

Steve Morris's charity work has included the Guernsey Sailing Trust, Young Enterprise, and volunteering for the locally-based Tumaini fund.

When sworn in by the Royal Court, he will become one of the island's 15 Jurats. Their role is to determine matters of fact in cases heard before Guernsey's Royal Court.

The other candidate standing for election, former States chemist and analyst Dr David Mortimer, received 34 votes.