Condor Liberation damaged

The new ferry hit the side of the Guernsey's quay on the last weekend of March when docking in the island in high winds.

It took a week to repair the damage in Poole, the welding work took longer than expected after being held up by bad weather.

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24 cars & 60 passengers stranded after problems with Condor Liberation

24 cars and around 60 passengers have been left stranded at Jersey's harbour after they could not be loaded onto the Condor Liberation.

The problems arose when the hoist for the new £50m vessel’s vehicle deck was found to be faulty this morning in Poole. This then delayed sailings and when combined with the outgoing tide in Jersey, meant the vehicles could not be loaded.

Condor says they have offered the passengers, who were on their way to Poole, to either travel on the 21.20 service to Portsmouth, or to stay in Jersey overnight and catch tomorrow’s Liberation sailing.

Today was supposed to be the first day the vessel has sailed at the normal schedule for more than two weeks. On its second voyage at the end of last month, the ship was put out of action after it was was damaged in Guernsey's Harbour. It has since suffered a number of setbacks which have resulted in cancellations and delays.

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Some of the cars left stranded in Jersey

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