Jersey's foreshore and seabed being given to the public

The Crown is giving Jersey the ownership of all the island's foreshore and seabed.

All of Jersey's beaches and the seabed beneath the territorial waters traditionally belong to the Monarch.

Discussions between the island and the Crown mean they are now being given to the Public of Jersey.

A small area of the seabed used for land reclamation, and many Occupation-era structures built on the foreshore had already been previously transferred over

The States says this will mean Jersey can consider a range of options, such as possible leases for future renewable energy needs.

Parts of the foreshore can also be leased to Ports of Jersey to manage the harbour assets, piers and breakwaters.

The day-to-day running of the beaches have always been run by the States of Jersey.

Under the terms of the agreement, the reefs of the Ecréhous and the Minquiers above highest spring tides would remain in Crown ownership. Also, in terms of development, all existing Planning obligations will still apply.