Witness defends former Education boss in Inquiry

Mario Lundy

Former Education boss Mario Lundy 'grabbed children to stop them kicking out in temper tantrums', a witness has told the Jersey Care Inquiry today.

Monique Webb was describing Mr Lundy when he worked as a teacher at Les Chenes children's home in the 1980s and said his behaviour "was appropriate".

The now 80 year old said Mr Lundy was only trying to diffuse difficult situations and would try to talk to the children first.

She said: "Mario could always cope with temper tantrums. He used this sort of method of grabbing his arms around them [the children] so they couldn't kick you know, behind them."

Mrs Webb was a teacher and matron at the residential home for children on remand and those with behavioural problems between the ages of 11 and 17.

She worked with Mr Lundy, who went on to be Jersey's Director of Education.

Mrs Webb described Mr Lundy as 'a very powerful fellow', a former rugby player. But she said she never saw him lose his temper with the children.

Jersey's Independent Care Inquiry has been tasked with investigating the abuse of children in Jersey's care system over decades.