Dog owners warned about white substance on beaches

Environmental officials in Guernsey and Jersey are asking islanders to keep their dogs away from the substance, which could be rancid oil.

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Warning to keep dogs away from 'white substance'

People are being warned to keep their dogs away from the substances. Credit: PA

Dog owners in Guernsey are being warned to keep their pets away from any white substance they find on the island's beaches.

Small lumps of the waxy substance have been spotted today (1 June) at Vazon Bay by the States Works beach cleaning team.

They say a similar substance found in Devon and Cornwall last year was identified as degraded edible oil or fat.

If it is degraded oil, it could pose a danger to dogs if it's gone rancid, but will not be dangerous to people.

The Environment Department's warning people to keep their dogs away from it.

It's also reminding them to stop their pets from eating seaweed, which can cause intestinal obstruction.

They will be removing the substance where they find it, and are asking people to let them know if they spot any, by calling 717200.

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