Book to explore German occupation of Channel Islands

The book launch is on 12 June. Credit: Simon Hamon

A book exploring the German occupation of the Channel Islands, during the Second World War, is being released next week.

'Voices from the Past - Channel Islands Invaded' has it's book launch on Friday 12 June, at the Press Shop in St Peter Port, at 12:30pm.

Author Simon Hamon says the book will cover the evacuation of homes, and the animals and families left behind.

It will also include details about the German bombing of the islands, and the first days of Occupation.

The stories will be told by the politicians who decided the fate of tens of thousands of men women and children, the local newspapers, and the Islanders themselves.

The book focuses on a subject not widely covered by historians in the past, and explains how the German occupation of the Islands started.

I cover in detail the demilitarization, evacuation, bombing and German invasion of the islands in June 1940."

– Simon Hamon, author