Replacement gangway for cruise ship passengers delayed

Albert Pier

Plans to replace the cruise ship gangway in Guernsey to make it more accessible for visitors, have been delayed.

A longer, more gradual ramp needed for passengers won't now be installed until the end of the visitor season.

Guernsey Harbours have a replacement gangway and work was due to start on Sunday during a six day window when no cruise ships are visiting, but they say they don't have enough time to test it.

During the testing, the gangway and pontoons are subjected to weights greater than they will encounter under normal operation.

Guernsey Harbours say if any issues were found while testing, the landing facility could potentially be out of action for some time.

The steepness of the ramp is an issue at low tide, so it by no means affects every tender. We are still keen to address this, but the current pontoon arrangement is fully operational and the situation is manageable.

– Harbour Director, Sarah McGreevy