Life long friends take on Loch Ness world record

Credit: James Reilly and Ted Simpson.

Two friends who met in Guernsey will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of Loch Ness by tandem kayak.

Students, James Reilly from Guernsey and his pal, Ted Simpson, will need to cross 35km of water in under 5 hours and 19 minutes.

Ted spent his summer holidays in Guernsey where he met James, and four years ago they discovered their mutual love for the outdoors.

Now they want to take on their biggest challenge yet to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a cause they are both passionate about.

Loch Ness is infamous for her difficult, ever-changing conditions, and the water can often behave more like a sea than a loch. The Loch Ness Challenge is unique for this reason - the marathon distance is not the only factor that we have to face. This is one of the most difficult endurance kayaking challenges that we have taken on, and will require a high degree of teamwork and endurance.

– James Reilly and Ted Simpson.

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