Seven-month MRI scan wait causes worries for patients

It's been revealed patients who need a routine MRI scan in Jersey are having to wait up to seven months for their appointment.

The Hospital says it's because they only have one machine and there's been an increase in demand for its use.

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Hospital admits MRI scan waiting times are 'far too long'

Jersey's hospital has apologised to patients for having to wait up to seven months for a MRI scan appointment.

It has admitted that the current waiting time is 'far too long'.

The department says it due to an increased demand for the equipment.

We acknowledge that the current wait for a routine MRI scan is around six to seven months, and that this is far too long. We apologise to those patients who have experienced long waits. Demand for MRI imaging has increased significantly with a number of factors contributing to this, including meeting the needs of the Oncology and Emergency Departments, the development of new techniques and the growing number of routine scans required to meet the needs of an ageing population. Jersey General Hospital has a single scanner which runs over extended hours from Monday to Saturday, and occasionally on Sundays too. There are plans to routinely replace the existing scanner within the next 12 months, and although we do not have a revenue stream to fund a second scanner, we are looking at options to install the new one as a second rather than as a replacement. The pattern of increased demand mirrors what has happened in the UK in the past 10 years, although unlike UK hospitals, Jersey does not have the same option to utilise scanners in neighbouring towns. We are reviewing referral protocols and working with GP partners in order to reduce existing waiting times.

– Helen O’Shea, Managing Director of Jersey's General Hospital

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