Condor stopped from berthing at St Peter Port

The Condor Liberation didn't berth at St Peter Port today, instead skipping the port and going straight on to Poole.

The ferry company says it was because of 'adverse weather conditions' and a cruise ship in a nearby berth.

Guernsey Harbours says the normal berths were free and weather was the issue.

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Condor releases statement over berthing incident

Condor has released a statement blaming both 'adverse weather conditions' and the position of a cruise ship for the reason it was unable to dock at St Peter Port this evening.

It says that the cruise ship was 'unwilling' to move.

Condor Liberation was unable to berth in St Peter Port this afternoon because the planned berth could not be accessed safely. High winds required the use of berth 2 at the harbour, unfortunately another passenger vessel was unexpectedly moored very close to this berth (on berth 5 and then berth 4) which impeded Condor Liberation’s safe access to berth 2.

As a result of the high wind speeds, with the other ship unwilling to move off her berth, and with safest as his highest priority, the Master of Condor Liberation’s only safe option was to continue to Poole without docking in St Peter Port.

This situation has been caused by factors outside of our control. We are currently making alternative arrangements for affected passengers and would like to apologise to our customers for the inconvenience that this has caused.

– Condor statement

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