Condor stopped from berthing at St Peter Port

The Condor Liberation didn't berth at St Peter Port today, instead skipping the port and going straight on to Poole.

The ferry company says it was because of 'adverse weather conditions' and a cruise ship in a nearby berth.

Guernsey Harbours says the normal berths were free and weather was the issue.

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Guernsey Harbours blame bad weather for Condor's docking problems

Guernsey Harbours have blamed the high winds for why the Condor Liberation wasn't able to dock today.

It says both of the normal berths were available.

Condor says that the close proximity of a cruise ship to the berths, as well as the weather, made it necessary to go straight to Poole.

Condor Liberation was unable to dock in Guernsey today due to the high winds on arrival. Both of the normal Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) berths were available. Another vessel, Hebridean Princess, which was moored in St Peter Port Harbour today, moved from a RoRo berth to one of the main freight handling berths, so that both Commodore Clipper and the Condor Liberation could both dock this afternoon.However on the Liberation’s arrival, the wind was North West at 22-28 knots gusting over 30 knots, which is at the upper operating limit for the vessel to berth in St Peter Port. Guernsey Harbours arranged for the Hebridean Princess to move to another freight berth to provide maximum room for Liberation to manoeuvre onto the eastern most Ro-Ro ramp, No 2 Berth. No 1 Berth, on the other side of the New Jetty, was also available at the time. However given the prevailing wind conditions, the Master of the Condor Liberation made an operational decision not to dock and the vessel was diverted to Poole. Commodore Clipper has safely berthed in No 1 Berth.A spokesman for Guernsey Harbours said the Hebridean Princess had assisted by moving berths, but given the wind conditions at the time it understood the decision of Condor Liberation not to dock.

– Guernsey Harbours

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