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The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry is charged with finding out what went wrong in the island's care system, from the end of the Second World War.

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Ex police officer: Child abuse evidence hidden

Crucial evidence in child abuse investigations was hidden by Police according to a witness at the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry.

The second phase of the inquiry into historical child abuse began today, with a focus on how politicians and police acted during investigations.

Former police officer Anton Cornelissen told the panel evidence went missing and was later found hidden in a senior officer’s locker.

The claim was made in relation to an investigation into a teacher at Victoria College, who was accused of kissing boys at a yacht club in the 1990s.

Mr Cornelisson claimed it was covered-up because many of his colleagues were ex-Victoria College and felt he ‘was dragging their school through the mud’.

I feel there wasn’t an appetite to investigate Victoria College. I had a lot of negative comments from my colleagues. Bear in mind a high proportion of my colleagues were ex-Victoria College. It was always a case of thank you very much for the evidence, leave it there. I left the department thinking I don’t think this is going anywhere now.

– Anton Cornelissen, former police officer

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