Jordan Reynolds: drastic changes required to save Siam Cup

Guernsey's Director of Rugby has told ITV News "drastic changes" are required to preserve the future of the Siam Cup.

Jordan Reynolds has warned, without an overhaul over the next couple of years, "there may not be a Siam".

The Raiders boss was speaking in light of changes proposed for this year's competition.

The plans would see Jersey - who have won the last seven Siam Cups in a row - only select players who have been with the club for more than three years.

Reynolds has described the move as a "stepping stone".

However, Jersey RFC's Chairman believes Reynolds' fears about the future of the second oldest competition in British rugby are "premature".

We're doing something which we hope will actually fix what was broken but we will only know this year if it's gone far enough to fix it.

– Bill Dempsey

Dempsey said the future of the Siam Cup will be regularly reviewed with the intention of finding a long term solution which suits both parties.