Mediterranean turtle washed up in Jersey

A turtle washed up on the beaches of Jersey in January was cared for by local vets and volunteers. Terri is a Loggerhead turtle, the most common turtle in the Mediterranean that normally nest on beaches from Greece and Turkey to Israel and Libya.

After recovering from her injuries in Jersey, money was raised to fly her to a rescue centre in Gran Canaria.

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Terri the turtle released back into the wild

A loggerhead turtle that was washed up on a Jersey beach in January has been released into the wild.

Terri, as she has become known, was cared for by vets in Jersey before being flown to a specialist centre in Gran Canaria.

After nearly two months of specialist care, she has been released into the ocean, with spectators taking to the beach to see her off.

She has also had a satellite tag attached to her shell, so islanders can continue to track her movements.

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