Largest ever Celtic coin hoard found in Jersey

Two Jersey metal dectorists discovered the largest ever Celtic coin hoard in a field in Grouville in 2012.

Richard Miles and Reg Mead made headlines around the world when they discovered the treasure.

Archaeologists are painstakingly working to take the collection apart.

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Rare purse found in Celtic coin hoard

The purse

What is believed to be a leather purse has been uncovered in the Grouville Hoard, a trove of Celtic coins found in Jersey.

Experts say it is about 80x40x40mm and is attached to two copper alloy rings, which may be a fitting for wearing it on a belt.

They reckon there's about 20 coins inside the purse and are keen to extract them.

So far it’s the first actual container of coins found inside the hoard.

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