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The following have been elected deputies in this district:

  • 1. Lyndon Trott 2014
  • 2. Paul Le Pelley 1875
  • 3.Jennifer Merrett 1664
  • 4. Gavin St. Pier 1543
  • 5. Jane Stephens 1400
  • 6. Carl Meerveld 1377

Commerce and Employment Minister Deputy Kevin Stewart is out of the States. He has lost his seat in St Sampson's - coming ninth out of twelve candidates in the district.

Previous Chief Minister Deputy Lyndon Trott has topped the poll with 2014 votes - and it won't be surprising if he now aims for one of the top jobs in the new House.

Treasury and Resources Minister Gavin St Pier will return - he took the fourth out of six available spots.

Current deputy Paul Le Pelley will also be back in the States; while the new faces include Carl Meerveld, Jennifer Merrett and former deputy Jane Stephens.

Voter turnout in St Sampson's was very high at 78.22%.

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