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Four members of Guernsey's Policy Council have fallen in last nights election.

Education Minister Robert Sillars, Environment Minister Yvonne Burford and Culture and Leisure Minister Mike O'Hara were among the losers.

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BREAKING: Gavin St Pier secures President of the Policy and Resources Committee title

After a series of tied ballots, Gavin St Pier has secured the title of President of the Policy and Resources Committee.

Three deputies; Gavin St Pier, Charles Parkinson and Peter Ferbrache all contended for the position.

Charles Parkinson left the race early after securing zero votes.

Deputy St Pier and Ferbrache then battled it out against each other.

Gavin St Pier finally won the title after the fourth round of voting.

One paper was spoilt meaning Ferbrache was only able to secure 19 votes, compared to Gavin St Pier's 20.

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