1. Sophia Bird

BLOG - More Fog?

Credit: Joanna Krupowicz

Yesterday was a day of poor visibility across the islands with fog lifting at times for Jersey and Guernsey, but remaining fairly extensive in Alderney.

Today there is little change, certainly his morning, with the fog thinning at times, but still some particularly poor visibility. Its not helped by the fact the winds are very light and it is not moving the moist conditions away.

Having said that there are expected to be some sunny periods this afternoon, and if that happens, it's worth noting that the UV index will be 6, and it won't take long to burn if you are out in the strong sunshine for any length of time.

Credit: Karen Wall

Temperature over the next few days will climb to around 20 degrees, but on Saturday a cold front will sweep over the islands and bring fresher conditions from the north, so we are likely to see temperatures return back to average for this time of year, which is about 16 degrees.

So if you are travelling by plane, or collecting family or friends from the airport, keep an eye on the arrivals and departures board, there is a chance that across the islands flights will continue to be disrupted this morning, and then again tonight, and further disruption is possible tomorrow before we see so a drier set of weather conditions move in tomorrow afternoon (clearing the risk of fog patches).

I'll have updates on the fog on twitter @SophiaWeather, and of course in the bulletins throughout the day.

Credit: Karen Wall