Brexit: How the Channel Islands will be affected

A look at the likely impact on Jersey and Guernsey following the UK vote to leave the European Union.

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'Channel Islands could stand alone as sovereign state, if Brexit goes ahead'

A European legal expert says the Channel Islands could break their links with the UK and become a stand alone sovereign state, if there is a Brexit vote in next month's referendum.

The vote on the UK's relationship with the European Union takes place on the 23rd of June.

Its outcome could have wide-ranging effects for Guernsey and Jersey.

The governments of both islands are following events closely.

Jersey's says it supports the 'status quo' of the UK remaining in the EU being in the best interests of the Channel Islands while Guernsey's doesn't have a formal view on the vote, but backs the island's relationship with the EU being maintained.

But EU legal expert Alastair Sutton says if public opinion was strong enough, the islands could become sovereign states.

Certainly with 150,000 people in the combined population of the Channel Islands there would be a viable sovereign state if the will of the people of Jersey and Guernsey went in that direction.

– Alistair Sutton

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