Young doctor's career "totally destroyed" by hospital management team

The reputation and career of a talented young Jersey doctor has been "totally destroyed" at the hands of the hospital management team.

That's according to a damning report by the States Complaints Board, who say the Hospital's decision to sack Consultant Amar Alwitry before he had even started his job was "unjust, oppressive and discriminatory".

Dr Alwitry was given a contract as a Consultant Ophthalmologist in August 2012 but the offer was withdrawn three months later.

The States Complaints Board say he was treated in an "appallingly shabby way" and should get compensation.

He was very highly regarded by his professional peers and was a leader in his field. He was raised and schooled in Jersey and until the unlawful and unjustifiable termination of his contract, was set to return to his childhood home for the remainder of his working life.

That was taken away from him without any consideration apparently being given to the consequences other than the immediate financial cost.

The community in Jersey was deprived of the opportunity to have at the Hospital a young, highly regarded and motivated consultant with a particular specialism in glaucoma. We also cannot help but conclude that the manner in which Dr Alwitry was treated - something we have described by way of understatement as "appallingly shabby" - is highly likely to have damaged the reputation of the medical service as a potential employer of high quality staff.The Board hopes that the States of Jersey will take urgent and effective steps to compensate him and his family for the wrongs which they have suffered at the hands of the States.

– The States Complaints Board

In response, the States Employment Board say:

While the Complaints Board’s observations are noted, SEB expresses significant disappointment in relation to a number of aspects of the report.

SEB will now reflect further on the content. Legal proceedings may follow the publication of the Complaints Board’s findings and it would therefore be inappropriate for SEB to make any further comment at this stage.

– States Employment Board