Olivia the turtle arrives safely in Gran Canaria

Olivia the turtle, who was washed up on a Guernsey beach in March, has arrived safely in Gran Canaria.

The loggerhead turtle was flown back to warmer climates yesterday, having been looked after by the GSPCA for the past few months.

GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne and Geoff George were at the airport to see Olivia as she arrived in Gran Canaria.

Staff from the rehabilitation centre in Las Palmas were also there to meet her.

It’s been an emotional few days preparing Olivia the loggerhead turtle and getting her ready for her travels to get her to Gran Canaria. When she arrived she looked extremely well.

– Steve Byrne, GSPCA Manager

Olivia will join more than 30 other turtles at the rescue centre.

Olivia being loaded onto a plane in Guernsey Credit: ITV