Guernsey FC Chairman resigns citing family and work reasons

Steve Dewsnip speaking to ITV Channel ahead of Guernsey FC's debut FA Cup match

The Guernsey FC Chairman and Co-founder Steve Dewsnip has announced his decision to step down from his role, citing family and work reasons.

Over the past year and the last few weeks in particular, I have reached the conclusion that I no longer have the time to devote to the club that I feel as chairman, I should. Football has been in my family’s blood for as long as we can remember and has played a huge part in my life for over 40 years. However, there are now more important things that require my time, including in particular my family and professional career.

– Steve Dewsnip

Steve Dewsnip was one of the founding members of the Green Lions along with Tony Vance and Mark Le Tissier, and helped to secure the sides place in this years FA Cup.

GFC Manager, Tony Vance has responded to his resignation today.

Over five years we’ve achieved an awful lot of success on and off the pitch. Over the recent years it’s become a real challenge and Steve has led the club superbly throughout that period. One of the major accomplishments is that we still have a football club after this length of time. It’s well documented how much it costs to run the club and it’s testament to his ability to run this club and give us a product that we can enjoy and be proud of.

– Tony Vance, GFC Manager

Two companies of which Mr Dewsnip was a director until the beginning of August, Providence Investment Management International Ltd and Providence Investment Funds PCC Ltd, were recently put into administration by the Royal Court.

The companies' parent company Providence Global Ltd was also ordered to be 'compulsorily wound up'.

Mr Dewsnip stated these events were unrelated to his resignation from Guernsey FC.