Storm Angus: Channel Islands on alert after more weather warnings issued for tonight

Storm Angus is set to hit the Bailiwicks again tonight, causing more disruption and devastation across the islands.

The storm first hit in the early hours of Sunday morning, bringing record-breaking winds of force twelve in Guernsey - the highest they've had since 1990 - and gusts of up to 87mph in Jersey.

Islanders have spent the day clearing up the wreckage and mess left in the wake of the storm.

Image Credit: Darren Stower @Hobieci

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Guernsey States release flood reduction tips

Guernsey Traffic and Highways services have released flood reduction warnings following the record-breaking winds over the weekend.

A tree blocking the road at La Haye Du Puits in Castel, Guernsey Credit: Guernsey Weather / Krista Woods

Islanders are being advised to "maintain their waterways" to reduce flooding in Guernsey, in the wake of Storm Angus.

Following the record-breaking gusts in the island over the weekend, there is a build up of debris in and around water courses.

At this time of year vegetation and siltation of our hundreds of waterways can be prolific, resulting in low flows or even blockage. If we suddenly experience a heavy downpour and the rainwater is unable to drain away, there could be serious flooding.

It is therefore really important that landowners maintain their watercourses to reduce the risk of flooding to the surrounding areas and neighbouring properties.

– Mark Brockway, Assistant Traffic Services Officer, States of Guernsey

Storm Angus hit Guernsey in the early hours of Sunday, bringing winds of force twelve - the highest on record since 1990.

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