New Channel Island airline will offer flights from summer 2017

A new Channel Island airline will start offering flights between the islands and to the UK and northern France this summer.

A spokesperson from Waves says it hopes to start flying to other European destinations at a later date.

Waves also says islanders will be able to book their own planes, using an Uber style app.

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Uber style air taxi to start this year

What Waves' new plane will look like

The Channel Islands will have a new Uber style air taxi service this year, with islanders being able to book flights on demand.

Waves Technologies Limited have developed an app for bookings, similar to the popular taxi app.

There will also be timetabled services, with up to four flights an hour.

The fleet of planes will fly between the islands and further destinations to the South of England, Northern France and Europe will be added in 2018.

Guernsey resident Nick Magliocchetti is behind the plans.

He says 'this is only the start of the journey here and I look forward to Waves offering a modern alternative for everyone'.

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