Explosion at Flamanville nuclear station

An explosion has ripped through a machine room at the giant power station on the Norman coast at Flamanville this morning, injuring five workers but not resulting in any leakage of radioactivity, French authorities reassured.

The blast occurred at 10am French time in a machine room and sent smoke into the air above one of the reactors at the site causing concern to local residents.

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Deputy reassures islanders plans are in place in the event of a nuclear incident

Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant

Guernsey Deputy Mary Lowe, President of the Committee for Home Affairs, has reassured islanders firm plans are in place if a nuclear incident was to occur near the island.

It follows a non nuclear emergency last week at the French power plant at Flamanville. An explosion at the site caused great concern among islanders.

In response the Deputy has released the following statement:

In terms of plans in place if there were to be a legitimate nuclear incident, we would receive information very early on from our French colleagues as per our current Memorandum of Understanding.

In such an event, the States of Guernsey has an established plan of actions that would be immediately carried out. These include the formation of a Strategic Coordinating Group, supported by the Radiation Advisory Group, to consider the implications and required response.

Further support would be offered by bodies such as RIMNET (Radiation Incident Monitoring Network) and Public Health England to assist in decision making. Additionally, we would if necessary be able to draw on direct UK assistance through the NAIR (National Arrangements for Incidents Involving Radiation) Scheme.

From a communications perspective, if the situation required immediate notification to all residents we have access to a critical communications programme that would allow us to text every mobile in the Bailiwick. This technology would also be able to call every landline and mobile and issue an automated voice message. This action would be carried out via the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre. Please note that, due to data protection legislation, the States of Guernsey would be authorised to utilise this technology in this way only if there was a critical incident.

– Deputy Mary Lowe, President of the Committee for Home Affairs

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