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Real Madrid team bus damaged as hundreds gather outside Anfield

Liverpool FC have condemned the behaviour "of a few individuals" as "totally unacceptable and shameful", while Merseyside Police say around 400 fans lined Anfield Road, despite advice not to attend the ground.

Manchester Arena bomber's brother told he must give evidence to inquiry

Ismail Abedi is refusing to co-operate with the probe, which is looking at how his two younger brothers, Salman and Hashem, became radicalised and planned their deadly bomb plot.

People in Bolton urged to hop on-board the Covid-19 Vaccination Bus

As long as they fit the criteria, people who have not had their first dose of the life-saving vaccine are urged to hop on, and no ticket or appointment is required.

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Medals awarded to Preston-born war hero fetch £248,000 at auction

The outstanding Great War 1918 ‘Final Advance to Victory’ V.C. group of five medals awarded to 21-year-old Preston-born, Private James Towers, 2nd Battalion, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) has fetched £200,000 at auction.

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The North West remembers Prince Philip