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Liverpool's Mayor: who could enter the race?

Liverpool Town Hall Photo: ITV Granada
  • Cllr Joe Anderson, leader of Liverpool City Council, was chosen by the Labour Party as their candidate
  • Tony Caldeira, a Merseyside businessman, is running for the Conservatives
  • Cllr John Coyne is the Green Party's candidate
  • Liam Fogarty, who has campaigned for there to be an elected mayor, is running as an independent
  • Celebrity hair stylist Herbert Howe is also reported to be entering the race
  • Cllr Richard Kemp, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, is their candidate
  • Tony Mulhearn says he is running for the Trade Unionist and Socialist coalition
  • Cllr Steve Radford, leader of the Liberal Party, is the Liberal candidate

Nominations close on April 4 and the vote will be held on May 3.

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