One million visit Liverpool over Sea Odyssey weekend

The 30-foot-tall Little Girl Giant walking through Liverpool

One million people are estimated to have visited Liverpool city centre last weekend, creating record levels of trade for businesses according to the council.

The city council says that of the people who were in the city over the weekend, around 600,000 are thought to have spent time taking part in the Sea Odyssey event.

The figures were obtained using cameras that monitor footfall crowds in the city’s Business Improvement District from Friday to Sunday.

The Giant Spectacular is believed to have boosted the local economy by £12m. Shops, restaurants and tourist attractions reported a significant rise in visitor numbers.

Councillor Wendy Simon, Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism, said: “We always knew this would be a huge weekend for the city, but Sea Odyssey exceeded our expectations in terms of the crowd numbers and their reaction to the show.

“It was a joy to see the streets packed with people who were genuinely moved by the story unfolding before their eyes and the feedback we’ve received from people across the world has been astounding.

“Sea Odyssey has cemented Liverpool’s reputation as a city which brings fantastic, free, world-class culture to the streets.

"I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard on bringing this spectacular to the city and a big thank you to the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets to support this incredible event – I’m sure the memories of giants taking over our city stay with them for a lifetime.”