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Salford's first elected mayor

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Labour's Ian Stewart has become Salford's first elected mayor after a second round of voting.

Mr Stewart topped the poll, with 23,459 votes, followed by Conservative Party candidate Karen Garrido, with 10,071 votes, after the second round of voting.

He fell just short of the 50% threshold with 46.05% of the vote after the first round of voting.

Mr Stewart said: "This is a historic day for a historic city."

The turnout in the mayoral election was 26% out of the 174,800 electorate in Salford.

Voting in the local elections resulted in Labour gaining eight councillors and the Liberal Democrats being wiped out, losing all three seats on the council. The political make-up of the council is now Labour 52 with Conservatives on eight.

Mr Stewart said Salford was a city with an "exciting, innovative, positive future which had a "profound" motto - the welfare of the people is the highest law. He added: "I will strive with every sinew of my body to honour that. Our key aim will be to ensure the people of Salford and their families benefit and genuinely share in that positive future."

Norman Owen, the defeated Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate, described the results in the city's elections as a warning to the Coalition government about its current policies.

"This now sends a clear message to Nick Clegg, and Cameron, the learning curve for this Parliament is over. We have got to start rebuilding confidence in the Coalition."

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