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Army medic faces accusations of covering up abuse

An Iraqi hotel owner, who was beaten and abused by British soldiers, says the army medic who examined him is "a criminal".

Ahmad Matairi told a medical tribunal in Manchester that Dr. Derek Keilloh, who was a medical officer for the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, must have heard detainees "screaming and crying" at a British base in September 2003.

The General Medical Council accuse Dr.Keilloh of helping to cover-up the abuse of Iraqi prisoners in the aftermath of the war. The GMC say he's been "dishonest and misleading". The council also allege he did nothing to protect the detainees he was meant to be caring for. A tribunal panel will decide if his fitness to practice has been impaired.

Mr.Matairi says he was examined by Dr.Keilloh after suffering days of beatings at a British base. "I showed him a swelling", he told the tribunal panel. The Iraqi father-of-three said it was triggered by endless kicks and punches by soldiers. "I held it in both hands", he said, "and the doctor examined it". He claims he showed the medic other injuries and told him he'd tortured.

Dr.Keilloh says he saw no injuries on Mr.Matairi, nor two other detainees - including hotel receptionist Baha Mousa, who died from the abuse he endured.

"He shouldn't be a doctor," Mr.Matairi told the tribunal, "he swore an oath. He didn't do anything... The medical centre was 30 metres away. We were crying, we were screaming, because of the torture. He heard our cries."

Dr Keilloh denies the GMC's allegations. He says he has not lied, nor been part of a cover-up.

The hearing is expected to last for another three-and-a-half weeks.

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