Retired Merseyside police officer hits out at G4S

G4S has faced criticism for failing to meet security staff targets Credit: PA Images

A Merseyside representative of retired police has attacked G4S, saying the private security firm told them they are no longer needed to help with security at the Olympics because they are "surplus to requirements".

The Merseyside branch secretary of the National Association of Retired Police Officers (Narpo) claimed just days after he was sent an email offering employment at the Games for retired officers, he was sent another from G4S saying further recruitment was "surplus to requirements" because of the deployment of military and extra police resources.

But G4S said the letter was sent about a week ago at a time when it had been refused dispensation to use former police officers who had not completed necessary training and accreditation, and they were not "surplus to requirements" but lacked necessary accreditation and cannot be employed at London 2012.

The situation comes after bosses of the firm insisted they would be claiming tens of millions of pounds in management fees despite being 100% responsible for a "humiliating shambles".

David Anderton, secretary of the Merseyside branch of Narpo, claimed he was sent an email asking for its members to apply just days before news broke that the company had failed to deliver on its contract.

Just days later, a further email said that G4S no longer wanted to recruit extra staff, he said.

The email, sent by Joshua Blackham, business development manager of the north-west region for G4S Policing Solutions, said: "Although your skills and experience are extremely valued by G4S Policing Solutions, I have been informed that at present G4S no longer wishes to recruit any additional staff for the Olympics. With the deployment of the military and extra police resources it has been deemed that any further recruitment is surplus to requirements.

Mr Anderton, who did not apply himself but circulated the original email to all of his branch's members, said it was "ridiculous" that the process had been left so late - coming within days of the news that G4S had failed to recruit enough security guards.

Referring to Mr Blackham's email, a spokesman for G4S said: "This letter went out about a week ago at a time when we had asked for and been refused dispensation to use former police officers in our 2012 workforce who had not completed the necessary training and accreditation."

"They are not 'surplus to requirements' but they lack the necessary SIA accreditation and therefore cannot be employed at London 2012."