Shafilea's words and testimony helped convict parents

Shafilea's body was found on the bank of the River Kent in Cumbria. Credit: ITV Granada

Shafilea Ahmed's own words and testimony helped convict her parents of murder nine years on from the brutal honour killing.

The jury was presented with an emergency accommodation request which had been made by the desperate teenager just seven months before she was killed.

In February 2003, just before she was drugged and taken to Pakistan to be forced into a marriage she did not want, Shafilea ran away and asked social services to help her find a place to live.

In the application form she said she had suffered from regular domestic violence from the age of 15.

She said: "One parent would hold me whilst the other hit me.

"I was prevented from attending college and my part-time job."

She said she was "scared" of going back to her parents and "frightened enough" to run away.

The teenager then gave a description of the events which had caused her to run away.

Shafilea, then aged 16, said: "There had been a build up of violence towards me and my mother told me I was about to go to Pakistan to have an arranged marriage.

"My mother had started to pack and my parents had been into school and informed teachers I would be absent to go to Pakistan.

"My teachers have approached my parents in the past about them preventing me from attending school and threatened to get social services involved.

"I would prefer to stay in Warrington and I feel that if I was offered accommodation, my parents would leave me alone because of the involvement of the police, school, Connexions etc."

She then added another statement which read: "Over the past few years I have been experiencing domestic violence from my parents.

"A while back I was stopped from coming into college on more than one occasion, my parents also forced me to quit my job which overall I saved up about £2,000 which they (took) out of my bank account.

"But my main reason is because my parents were going to send me to Pakistan and get me married to someone and left there."