Annie Lennox and "Glorious Manford and Salchester"

Annie Lennox at the the launch of her exhibition in Manchester Credit: ITV Granada

Annie Lennox is known the world over for her music but now she's embarked on a new photographic project, paying homage to Manchester and Salford.

All of the photo's were taken on her mobile and then treated. The kaleidoscopic imagery of the exhibition called 'Glorious Manford Salchester' includes everything from relics of past Victorian grandeur to edgy urban art. The trick is being able to spot what what each photo was of originally before it Annie's magic touch.

Taken intuitively and discreetly by iphone, she constantly records impressions of things she finds herself fascinated by and drawn towards, in and around the world of everyday life.

Manchester tax building with a twist Credit: ITV Granada

Annie told Granada Reports, "I'd been here for concerts and I love this place, I'd just not had chance to look around. I'd love if people thought I'd honoured the place because I had a little love affair with it."

Annie Lennox exhibition Credit: ITV Granada

The exhibition runs at The Lowry Hotel from tomorrow with all pictures for sale.