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Lancashire mum named Slimmer of the Year

Liz Knight was a size 32/34 and weighed more than 25 stone Photo: Rosemary Conley

A woman from Lancashire has been named Slimmer of the Year by the Rosemary Conley weight loss group.

Liz Knight, 26, lost more than half her bodyweight to drop from a size 32/34 to a 14.

She went from weighing 25st 10lb to just 11st 4lb.

Liz said: “I was a walking time bomb and was super-morbidly obese but now I'm fighting fit.”

She picked up her award and £1,000 prize money from Rosemary Conley yesterday.

Liz had been overweight since she was a youngster.

Liz lost more than 14 stone and now wears size 14 clothes Credit: Rosemary Conley

As the oldest of eight children she used to finish her siblings’ leftovers, but never felt full.

“I ate massive amounts and liked the volume of eating a lot, it was comforting,” she said.

“I didn't care about myself at all and I was unable to stop eating.”

She was a size 24 by the time she was 17.

Her breakfast would be a double sausage and egg McMuffin, followed by a McDonald's meal for lunch, tea at a friend's house, then home for tea cooked by her grandmother.

In between, she snacked on cakes, biscuits, crisps, chocolates and cheese baguettes.

Liz joined the Rosemary Conley club at Garstang.

“Going to class was vital for me. You get so much support and encouragement and my instructor, Mandi, really helped me to keep going, and was there for me.

“I now live life to the full instead of just existing. I wanted to show people it can be done and you don't have to resort to surgery. And I wanted to make my gran proud too."