Library Protest - My blog

Children lie on road to protest closures Credit: Mel Barham

They certainly made their feelings clear when they protested outside Levenshulme library on Saturday afternoon. Campaigners with hand-made banners, spilled onto the road despite no official police closure. And perhaps even more alarming, many went one step further, lying down on the tarmac along with their children. With angry motorists trying to get through, there were a couple of moments where I feared this wasn't just a protest I would be reporting on. Thankfully no-one was hurt but with children prepared to lie on an open road to get their message across, proof if it was needed, of just how upset residents are. The council need to make savings of £80 million and are meeting this week to discuss plans to close the pool and the library. With a march last month and a 7-hour sit-in at the library last night, residents are ramping up their campaign to save the services they say aren't a luxury, but are vital to their lives. But even if campaigners manage to overturn the plans affecting Levenshulme, the council say they'll have to make cuts elsewhere. And with other councils also facing difficult decision over the next few weeks and months, this will become a familiar story across the North West.