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From the Heart: Catch up on this week's stories

Sally Hart's story:

When Toby Hart from Wigan died on holiday in Cornwall at the age of sixteen, his mother Sally had no hesitation in donating his organs.

She said it was the easiest decision she made - those organs from her son saved four lives.

Natalie Kerr's story:

Last year we followed the story of Natalie Kerr. She underwent a double lung transplant at Wythenshawe Hospital.

One year on, she has gone back to talk to those who saved her life, and to urge others to sign up.

Wajid Iqbal's story:

There's a worrying shortage of organ donors in ethnic minority communities. A fifth of the 900 people waiting for kidneys in Manchester are Asian.

Yet less than 2% of people on the donor register are actually from Asian backgrounds.

That's despite religious leaders saying organ donation should be encouraged.

Ron Burrows' story:

Three people die everyday waiting for that life-saving call, and thats because of the shortage of donors on the organ register.

For Ron Burrows' wife, Philomena from Southport, that call never came. She died exactly a year ago.

Peter Hartley's story:

In the fifth and final part of our special reports for ITV's 'From the Heart' campaign, Granada Reports was given amazing access to the transplant unit at Manchester Royal Infirmary- the busiest renal transplant programme in the UK.

We filmed Peter Hartley's kidney transplant.

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