Shaw blast: Timeline shows Andrew Partington threatened to blow up house

Buckley Street in Shaw was devestated Credit: GMP

A man who killed a two-year-old in a gas explosion in Shaw, text his girlfriend to tell her he would blow their house up.

Andrew Partington spent Monday 25 June 2012, drinking. As the hours wore on he became more abusive to his girlfriend, who ultimately left the address with her five children, two of which are also his.

He returned home and found the house empty. At some point he cut through the main gas supply hose where it entered the house. He also cut a gas pipe in the void below the bath. The house subsequently slowly filled with gas.

When he was unable to contact his girlfriend on the phone he sent her a series of messages:

At 11.07pm: "So I gess I got yo show u then wot u. Meent to me never cheated on u all ways loved u get fd naw good buy" (So I guess I have got to show you then what you meant to me. Never cheated on you, always loved you, get fd, now goodbye)

At 11.31pm: "Told u next time u live me house go. Whith me u left your kids whith no dad no home good bye boom gas pipe cut allredy fild up boom told. U last time tell jur and aj I loved them but mum was a. Bich" (Told you next time you leave me, house goes up with me. You left your kids with no Dad, no home, goodbye, boom, gas pipe cut, already filled up, boom. Told you last time, tell Junior and AJ I loved them, but Mum was a bitch)

At 11.37pm: "See if u loved me but u don't good buy" (See, if you loved me, but you don't, goodbye)

At 12.37am (to his girlfriend?s brother): "Tell jur and aj I loved them" (Tell Junior and AJ, I loved them)

At about 11.15am on Tuesday 26 June 2012, Partington ignited the gas that had been filling the house (number 9).

At the same time, his neighbour at number 11, Michelle Heaton, was in the garden and in the process of hanging washing on the line. Her son, two-year-old Jamie, was inside watching Peppa Pig, one of his favourite television programmes.

The explosion destroyed numbers 7, 9 and 11 and caused significant structural damage to dozens more properties.

A number of GMP officers were in the area and heard the explosion. Within moments they were on the scene.

They assisted Michelle, who was frantic with worry, and courageously entered her house, which had been reduced to rubble, to search for Jamie. They also conducted initial searches of other houses.

Tragically Jamie was found dead inside.

Other emergency services arrived, including Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, the North West Ambulance Service and National Grid and a mass evacuation was initiated.

Partington was rescued from his house and taken by air ambulance to Wythenshawe hospital for treatment to 40% burns to his body and a broken back.