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Fracking protest in Knutsford comes to an end

Activists set up a mock fracking rig in Knutsford. Photo: Greenpeace

Greenpeace activists have ended an anti-fracking protest at the constituency offices of Chancellor George Osborne in Cheshire, police said.

Two protesters scaled the balcony of Knutsford Conservative club in Tatton and unfurled a banner earlier on Monday.

A number of other campaigners took over Knutsford's village green and erected a fake gas drilling operation.

The campaigners, described as peaceful by police, called on the Chancellor to abandon plans for fracking, a controversial natural gas extraction process, and support green energy.

Chief Inspector Paul Carroll of Cheshire Police said: "Police attended a peaceful protest at George Osborne's constituency office in Manchester Road in Knutsford.

"In total approximately 25 people from Greenpeace were at the location.

"Most of the protesters left by 2.30pm. There were no issues, no one was arrested, and there was no impact on the traffic in the area.

"There was a police presence as the role of the constabulary is to impartially allow for peaceful protesting, whilst ensuring that others can continue unhindered in their legitimate business activities, or commuting."

Greenpeace environmental campaigner Lawrence Carter said: "Fracking is an unnecessary practice. We don't need fracking, we don't need shale gas when we have got low-carbon forms of energy which not only deliver but also help the economy by delivering growth."