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Teens to be sentenced for murder pf rough sleeper

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Three boys who beat a rough sleeper to death following a dare will be sentenced for his murder today.

The teenagers - two aged 14 and a 17-year-old who cannot be named because of their ages - attacked Kevin Bennett, 53, as he slept rough outside a supermarket in Liverpool.

They were found guilty of murder on 26 February following a four-week trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

The court was told the 17-year-old had goaded one of the 14-year-olds by saying: "I bet you haven't got it in you to do him in."

The younger boy later told his friend: "I started kicking him, I booted him and now he's dead," the jury heard,

The second 14-year-old stood look-out as the attack took place, the prosecution said.

Also to be sentenced today is Linda Doran, 42, of Teulon Close, Liverpool, who was found guilty of perverting the course of public justice by providing false alibis for two defendants.

Mr Bennett died in hospital six days after the beating in the early hours of August 17 last year.

The victim suffered a fractured eye socket, a collapsed lung and a broken ribcage which detached from his chest.

The trial heard that Mr Bennett, described as "vulnerable" and a "heavy drinker", had been in a pub from 11am on August 16, and had consumed between 10 and 12 cans of lager.

He left just after midnight with a white carrier bag laden with more cans of beer and settled down for the night behind an Iceland store on nearby County Road, Walton.

It was there he was discovered beaten by Iceland staff arriving for work at 7am the next day.

Mr Bennett's family said he was "a loving person who would do anything for anyone".