"Notice me?": The police officer stripped for safety

PC Dave Hurst appears naked in the billboard poster Credit: Lancashire Police

A police officer from Lancashire has stripped naked for a billboard poster, intended to improve road safety.

Motorcycle rider, PC Dave Hurst, will appear on thousands of hoardings and flyers for the next two months.

The force say the idea is that drivers would notice a bike rider without any clothes, but they should notice motorcyclists regardless.

The force say the officer didn't ride the bike naked Credit: Lancashire Police

A spokesman for Lancashire Police was keen to point out that picture was merely a pose, and the officer did not ride the bike while naked. He also stated the shot was taken on private land rather than the public highway.

Another poster takes the theme of "Notice me?" in a different direction, by showing a second officer dressed as a clown.

PC Mark Royle-Evatt posed as a clown for a second poster Credit: Lancashire Police

Lancashire Police say the number of bikers killed on the county's roads increased in 2012/13, and that many of those incidents could have been avoided.

Chief Inspector Debbie Howard, Head of Road Policing said, “This campaign has been developed to educate other road users on the importance of being aware of motorcyclists. The concept for this campaign is ‘What do I have to do to get you to notice me?’ It aims to increase awareness amongst road users of the need to be aware bikers when driving."

“The posters are something different to what we have done in the past but we felt that this was a good way to get our message across.

“We work closely with motorcyclists and biking organisations to offer them safety advice and help keep them safe on our roads. Other road users have a huge role to play too – you must make sure you are mindful of the increase in motorbikes on our roads at this time of year, be aware of their vulnerability and take extra time to make your observations."