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Manchester police catch speeders in crackdown

Police seize vehicles in crackdown Photo: GMP

More than 270 road users were caught out for speeding and other offences as part of GMP’s road safety awareness week.

Traffic officers and PCSOs ran operations and initiatives throughout the week to tackle dangerous and illegal driving and educate road users about the importance of using the roads safely.

Operation Tiko took place on the M6 and M62 in conjunction with Lancashire Police to target illegal and stolen caravans, trailers and plants. This led to 113 drivers being stopped and four vehicles being seized.

A further 28 drivers were served roadside prohibitions and 10 were summoned for traffic offences. Twenty seven motorists were advised by police and 12 received fixed penalty notices.

Meanwhile, officers in Bolton ran Operation Grimaldi which is an initiative to educate cyclists and motorists about sharing the road.

Officers concentrated on the pedestrianised area of Victoria Square and during the operation 38 cyclists were stopped for cycling on the footpath. They were given the choice to pay a £50 fine or attend a cycle safety course at Bolton Fire Station and 28 chose the latter.

Motorists were also targeted during Operation Grimaldi and three were stopped for using a mobile phone while driving and fined £100.

On the A666 (St Peter’s Way) in Bolton, 101 drivers were caught speeding. Police also stopped a further 17 vehicles for speeding on Hulton Lane, which has been highlighted as a concern by local residents.

Police seize vehicles in crackdown Credit: GMP

On Friday, police were able to take advantage of the new powers to issue traffic reports that can lead to fines for driving irresponsibly.

During the week officers also held a question and answer session on twitter whereby cyclists posted their questions about road safety using the hashtag #AskGMP.

Inspector Matt Bailey-Smith from GMP’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: “We launched Operation Dice last year in response to an increase in deaths on our roads and we remain absolutely committed to following through our promise to make them safer.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are a motorist, cyclist or motorcyclist, road safety and traffic laws needs to be adhered by all and the results of our week of action demonstrate just how many people were prepared to flout the law and potentially put their lives at risk.”

Josie Wride, Group Manager at DriveSafe said: “The operations run by GMP during road safety awareness week have highlighted that it’s not all about issuing points and receiving fines. We want to improve road safety in the long term by offering people the chance to attend a course. The courses help people to identify road safety issues, how to address them and share the limited road space we have.”