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Man United to consider re-launching a women's team

David Moyes is said to have been instrumental in urging the club to re-consider its position Photo: PA

Manchester United boss David Moyes has revealed the club is reviewing its decision to disband its women's team.

In 2005 the club scrapped it's ladies side to concentrate funds on youth development. There is an Under-18's training academy for young female players at Old Trafford. The club has to have one in order to have a boy's academy.

A petition urging the club to reconsider its position has been signed by more than 3300 people.

Last month on Granada Reports we featured the progress of the women's game in the North West and asked why United did not have plans to launch a women's team.

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Barbara Keeley MP for Worsley and Eccles South and Manchester Withington MP John Leech have both written letters to the club urging them to start a women's side, and United boss David Moyes has replied to both, saying it is now under review.

"These matters are looked at from time to time and I understand the club is reviewing this again," said Moyes.

"Once that review has been completed, the Club will evaluate the findings and make a decision.”

The club is understood to have had no plans to re-launch it's women's team prior to Moyes's arrival in May, and we believe he has played an integral role in convincing the club of the merits of a women's team. His daughter is a part of the women's set-up at Preston North End.

John Leech MP said "it was welcome news".

"A United women’s team would be a fantastic boost for Manchester football. It is a travesty that United do not have a womens team and I will be keeping up the pressure in Parliament to make sure this happens.”

Graham Pheby who started the petition said:

“Considering is not deciding and they should have reached a decision a long time ago. I welcome the cross-party support from John Leech MP and Barbara Keeley MP and the pressure from them and the media; we must keep it up and not let them off the hook until we have a womens football team.”