1. ITV Report

Sunday's detailed 5 day forecast for the NW and Isle of Man.

Warton Crag. Photo: Chris Coates, Morecambe


High pressure is centred to the west of Scotland keeping our weather fairly settled, but a cold front is pushing round it today and sinking SW'wards.

Nothing much on this, just cloud thickening at times, but generally it is an improving situation in terms of brightness for Sunday.


For the remainder of Sunday afternoon then, a mix of cloud and brighter spells, a little wishy washy in terms of detail on that cloud, but it's just the way it is. Some more prolonged spells of sun at times through the south Lake District and along Irish Sea coasts. Cloudier across the Isle of Man, but no rain here. Temperatures chilly 5-6c in general, 41-43f - nearer 7/8c, 45-46f around coasts.

Cloud cover on Sunday evening. Credit: Met Office


On Sunday night, cloud starts to dissipate and we find ourselves with north/south strips down the country. Our region will be clear, around minus 3 or minus 4c in more sheltered local spots, especially through the north of the region. A widespread frost for these areas and mist or fog patches forming, some of which could be dense and freezing.


Monday starts frosty, cold and foggy for many areas, but away from any mist patches, bright and cold. Best of any sun on Monday morning in the west, brighter breaks in the east. Cloud developing later in the day to damp it down to bright spells.

Where it's misty, it could take a while to clear. Manchester could stay foggy right into Monday afternoon. Elsewhere, it might still be misty in places around 9am, but should have lifted by Monday afternoon.

Temperatures slightly down on Sunday's values at 4-6c, 39-43f. Lower than this in any stubborn fog, 2-3c.


From Tuesday onwards there's a boost of warm air from the frontal system and this kicks temperatures up from Wednesday.

More cloud pushes round the high pressure on Tuesday bringing some moisture, but not really any precipitation, just quite cloudy. 6c 43f.


Mainly dry, with brighter spells further east. Slightly milder day at 9c 48f.


A little precipitation is likely in the west. Best of any cloud breaks further east. Dull and damp at times. Not especially sunny. 9c 48f.